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Clubs, Associations, and Organizations



    Australian International High Power Association, Inc. -- The Australian International High Power Association is about international level shooting activities, and recognition. This association is for all Australian shooting enthusiasts. It was founded on the commitment to act as an organising / administrative body for the promoting and participation in international level matches and events for shooting sports. We commit to offering structure, credibility and management to the safest sport in the world.

    Dominion of Canada Rifle Association -- Founded in 1868 and incorporated by an Act of Parliament 63-64 Victoria Chapter 99, assented to July 7, 1890, to promote and encourage the training of marksmanship throughout Canada. While the Association still maintains very close links with the Department of National Defence, its mandate is now much broader in that the mission statement of the Association is: To promote the pursuit of excellence in military and civilian marksmanship as a positive and significant contribution to Canada, to the sport of shooting and to the safe handling of firearms.

    Great Britain Rifle Team -- Welcome to the official website for the Great Britain Rifle Team. Find out more about international fullbore target rifle shooting, forthcoming tours, and how to support Great Britain teams.

    Highpower Rifle Association -- The Association's aim is to promote HIGHPOWER shooting in the UK and by doing so hopefully promote all shooting in general

    National Rifle Association of United Kingdom -- To promote and encourage Marksmanship throughout the Queen's Dominions in the interests of Defence and the permanence of the Volunteer and Auxiliary Forces, Naval, Military and the Air.

    Watford & Distric Rifle Club -- Formed in April 1937 W&DRC has been shooting at the same range situated just outside Watford Town Centre ever since, making us one of the oldest shooting clubs in Hertfordshire. It is the clubs aim to encourage shooting sports of all disciplines. You can be certain of a warm and friendly welcome whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned veteran.



    Civilian Marksmanship Program

    Military Marksmanship Association

    National Rifle Association

    Palma Promotions - USA -- The Official Web Site of the USA Palma Rifle Team

    Team USA F-T/R Long Range Rifle Team -- We are eight of the top long range rifle competitors in the United States. We are the F-T/R (.308 caliber fired from bipod) branch of the NRA approved USA F-Class Team. Between the members of the Team, we have taken most of the top positions in the US National Championships (F-Class and Fullbore), indeed one member on the team has won three National Titles. Two other members have won at least one National Title apiece. In fact, our Team has essentially been “cherry-picked” from two of the best (already organized) F-T/R teams in the country.

    United States Palma Team

    U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit -- Welcome to the USAMU web site The home of champions

    U.S. Open F-Class Rifle Team -- The U.S. F-Class Open Rifle Team is a group of dedicated very-long-range shooters who participate in international long rangeshooting competitions at up to 1200 yards with the X-Ring of the target measuring only 5 inches in diameter! The team boasts some of the best shooters in the world with several national and international champions as well as world record holders.

    U.S. Navy Shooting Team -- The USNMT is the leading proponent of small arms marksmanship and safety training for U.S. Navy personnel. Each year, the Team conducts the Fleet Forces Command (LANT) Rifle and Pistol Matches and Fleet Forces Command (PAC) Rifle and Pistol Matches, in which hundreds of sailors are trained in service rifle and service pistol marksmanship, small arms safety, and marksmanship competition rules and procedures. Sailors participating in Fleet matches represent their commands in individual and team events, earn marksmanship medals and badges, and qualify to stand armed watches aboard ships and at other commands.

    USA Under 25 Long Range Rifle Team -- One of the very few remaining, truly amateur, international sporting teams in the world. This is a group of dedicated young men and women who are some of the finest competitors in the world. The team is a participant in one of only a handful of competitive sports where men and women compete head-to-head without any artificial rules or barriers.

    USA Veterans Rifle Team

    ZEN Shooting Team -- Welcome to the Zen Shooting Team(LLC), Home Page! Here you will find information on team members, histories of the team and its accomplishments. You will also find links to team bylaws and membership information along with points of contact for the club officials. Please feel free to visit and enjoy our site!



    Alabama Service Rifle Team -- Alabama Service Rifle Team. The Alabama Service Rifle Team is made up of Alabama State Rifle & Pistol Association members. The team is picked from State Rifle & Pistol Association members that are active Highpower shooters from across Alabama.

    Blue and Gray Rifle and Pistol Club -- The Blue and Gray Rifle and Pistol Club was formed in early 1961 by a group of 15 shooters, most of who were employed by Chrysler. In 1965, the club sponsored the Alabama State High Power Rifle Championship at Fort McClellan, Ala. As a result of that match, Alabama sent it's first civilian high power rifle team in more than 20 years to the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. The club is non-discriminatory and presently has a membership in excess of 200 with all major Huntsville employers being represented. The club policy is to promote the shooting sports as broadly as possible, and make membership as widely available as possible. The club range is the most complete private rifle and pistol range in north Alabama.

    Steel City Sports Shooting Association -- The Steel City Sport Shooting Association is an organization dedicated to education in and advancement of all shooting sports. The club range was established in 1962.

    Tri-State Gun Club -- Southeast Alabama's Premier Gun Club


    Alaska Rifle Club -- The Alaska Rifle Club (ARC) is a non-profit organization which hosts competitive shooting events. ARC competitions are typically sanctioned by the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the United States Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Our focus is on High Power Rifle, Black Powder Target Rifle, Smallbore Rifle and Smallbore Silhouette Rifle competition. ARC activities emphasize safe, accurate and responsible use of firearms.


    Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association -- The ASRPA is totally dedicated to promoting the legitimate firearms owner's constitutionally-guaranteed right to own, bear and use firearms for sport hunting, target shooting, and the protection of home and family. The ASRPA promotes competitive shooting in all forms and assists affiliated clubs in publicizing and conducting shooting matches throughout the state.

    Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team --The Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team is sponsored by the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association (ASRPA). The team is open to NRA HP classified Arizona youth between the ages of 14 and 20. Team members shoot local matches during the season (Sept - May), practice like crazy June & July, and participate at the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in August.

    Arizona Rifleshooting dot com -- Welcome to Arizona.RifleShooting.com. This web-site will provide match descriptions, tutorials, and other information including match schedules and announcements on competitive rifle shooting in and near Arizona.

    The High Desert Competitive Shooting Club

    Rio Salado Sportsman's Club -- The Rio Salado Sportsman's Club operates and maintains the Usery Mountain Shooting Range.


    Arkansas Rifle and Pistol Association --There are 32,000 NRA members in Arkansas. ARPA is the NRA recognized state affiliate. Not all NRA members are members of ARPA, and you don't have to be a member of the NRA to join ARPA. ARPA is also a DCM/OPM club. We can help you qualify for your OPM M1 Garand! Join us, and get involved today!

    Central Arkansas Gun Club -- Arkansas's Premier High Power Rifle Web Site.


    California Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. -- An Organization of Sportsmen Dedicated to Preservation of Our American Heritage.

    California High Power Rifle Competition -- This page is for Competitive Rifle Shooting information in Central California. The information is as accurate as I can get it, but check with the contact person in case I messed up. Remember, Competitive Shooting is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

    Chabot Gun Club, Inc. -- Chabot Gun Club is a full featured marksmanship range located in the East Bay hills in the heart of Anthony Chabot Regional Park. It is open to the public and has a membership program.

    Ojai Valley Gun Club -- OVGC is a National Rifle Association affiliated club. It supports the safe practice of the Shooting Sports through a wide range of community activities, as well as use of its range facilities. From its Junior Rifle Program, through hosting National and International Championships, its approximately 1000 members apply themselves diligently to ensure both competitive and non-competitive uses of pistols, rifles, shotguns, black powder arms, and archery have a home where they may be practiced in a safe, controlled, and friendly environment.

    Redwood Gun Club -- Redwood Gun Club is a non-profit association of it's members organized in 1965-66* to provide a public range facility for the community to safely learn proper firearms handling, hunters safety, firearms marksmanship, and to practice the various competitive shooting disciplines in a safe and organized environment.

    Santa Margarita Gun Club -- The Santa Margarita Gun Club is a private organization that utilizes the shooting range facilities aboard United States Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California.

    San Jose Zouaves -- The San Jose Zouaves is principally a high power rifle club affiliated with both the Office of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) as well as the National Rifle Association (NRA). We are located in the South San Francisco Bay area.

    Southbay Rod & Gun Club

    Southern California Golden Bears Highpower Rifle Club -- Welcome to the Southern California Golden Bears Highpower Rifle Club. This site is dedicated to the sport of Highpower rifle. The club exists to enhance individual marksmanship through friendly competition. We hold NRA sanctioned matches every other month. Our Matches are held in the Angeles Shooting Range.

    California Grizzlies -- The California Grizzlies mission is to promote target shooting sports. Provide leadership in training of gun safety and marksmanship. Support and sponsor participation in competition at local, state, and national levels. Membership is open to anyone who meets the legal standards of gun ownership and who supports the purposes of the club.


    Colorado State Shooting Association -- The Colorado State Shooting Association (CSSA) is the State Chapter of the National Rifle Association.

    Aurora Gun Club -- The members of the Aurora Gun Club would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our facility. We began as the Aurora Sportsmen's Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America on January 21, 1947. The Group was organized by a number of Aurora businessmen. There is still an active chapter of the I.W.L.A. in the Club, but in the 1970's we became the Aurora Gun Club. We are now at one thousand plus members and growing.

    Ben Lomond Gun Club, Inc. -- The Ben Lomond Gun Club owns and operates a 560 acre shooting facility in Elbert County. The facility is located 45 miles from Castle Rock, 47 miles from Parker, or 43 miles from Colorado Springs.

    Boulder Rifle Club -- The Boulder Rifle Club, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado is a non-profit membership club with approximately 580 members. The club was founded in 1923 and owns two range facilities in the Boulder area. The club's South Range is located just north of Boulder, at the north end of North 26th Street. This is where all scheduled activities are held.

    The Buffalo Creek Gun Club

    Colorado Rifle Club -- Promoting Competitive Shooting since 1925


    Connecticut State Rifle and Revolver Association -- Formed in 1927 with the objectives of promoting education and training for citizens of good repute in the safe handling of firearms and to encourage the lawful ownership of firearms for sport and recreation.


    Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club -- The Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club was organized over 45 years ago for the primary purpose of conducting High Power Rifle matches. Currently it is the only 600 yard range in the state of Delaware. Matches are conducted monthly from March to November, with the exception of August, due to the National Matches. 2000 Match Schedule (.pdf)


    Florida Sport Shooting Association -- The FSSA is Florida's official NRA-affiliated state shooting association.

    Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club -- Located near Orlando, the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club hosts monthly Highpower matches.

    Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club -- A member owned and operated club since 1965. Open to the public. Ranges from 15 yds. to 200 meters. Open 7 days a week except Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have a new 7200 sq. ft. club house with indoor airgun range. We have a very active 4H juniors program.

    Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club -- A Florida Club with what appears to be a pretty nice facility.

    Sawgrass Rifle Club -- The Sawgrass Rifle Club is a group of dedicated individuals who run a monthly NRA sanctioned Highpower Rifle match at Markham Park in Broward County. Sawgrass Rifle Club now hosts monthly smallbore prone matches.

    Tallahassee Rifle and Pistol Club -- TRPC is a full-featured, privately-owned club located in Woodville, Florida (just south of Tallahassee). We have a 40 acre property and offer year-round shooting, both informal (plinking) and formal shooting activities.




    Idaho State Rifle and Pistol Association -- The Mission of the Idaho State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc is to encourage and promote marksmanship among the citizens of the State of Idaho with all arms and especially with the military arms of the armed forces of the United States of America. Also, to encourage and promote the safe use, handling and operation of all firearms of any type, variety, or nature. In addition, to engage in and promote the dissemination of information relative to firearms, firearm safety, marksmanship, and ownership. As well as to engage in any activity that is or appears to be necessary of convenient in connection with any of the above purposes. The association will cooperate with other state rifle and pistol associations and the National Rifle Association of America to further these objectives.


    Illinois State Rifle Association -- The ISRA is proud to be the Illinois Affiliate of the National Rifle Association of America. For nearly a century, the ISRA has been Illinois' leading advocate of safe, lawful, and responsible firearm ownership.

    Illinios Highpower -- The information source for highpower rifle competition in Illinois.

    Aurora Sportsmen's Club

    Fort Defiance Rifle and Revolver Club -- The Fort Defiance Rifle & Pistol Club range is located just north of the town of Wyoming, Illinois, which itself is located at the intersection of state highways 17 and 91 in the west-central portion of the state. During its formation in 1957, the club took its name from the remains of an old log fort near the area, which was originally built for protection along the Galena Trail during the Blackhawk War of 1832. The club has both rifle and pistol facilities and in addition to providing a venue for informal shooting, offers shooters the opportunity to participate in sanctioned competitive events.

    Milan Rifle Club -- This web page is maintained for the benefit of our members, but all visitors are welcome. The Milan Rifle Club, Inc. is a private shooting organization located in the Quad Cities area. We host a wide range of shooting sports with competitions ranging from "fun" matches to nationally ranked events.



    Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association -- The objective and purpose of The Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association shall be: to encourage marksmanship and organized shooting sports competition, to educate the youth and citizenry of the State of Iowa in marksmanship and maintenance of safe, suitable ranges for all shooting sports, and to further the development of the characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play, and self-reliance, which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.

    Iowa Highpower dot Com -- Info for Highpower Rifle competition in Iowa.

    Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club -- Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club.

    Powesheik County Sportsman's Association -- PCSA holds highpower rifle and smallbore prone matches monthly, April-Sept. 100 yard rifle range located just south of Montezuma.

    River City Rifle & Pistol Club -- The River City Rifle and Pistol Club (RCR&PC) was incorporated in 1968 in Mason City, Iowa, as a nonprofit organization to promote civilian marksmanship, proper gun safety, competitive spirit, conservation of natural resources and to provide a safe and proper place to shoot.



    Kansas State Rifle Association -- Kansas State Rifle Association is a non-profit group organized to promote the shooting sports and firearms training/education in the State. Membership in KSRA is open to any US citizen meeting the concise ethical criteria of the organization. Dues are very modest.

    Capital City Gun Club -- Calendar of events.

    Central Kansas Gun Club -- Central Kansas Gun Club is a club devoted to the Second Amendment To The Constitution, shooting sports and the responsible and safe use of firearms.


    Louisiana Shooting Association -- Welcome to the Louisiana Shooting Association Web Site. Competition target shooting related information, links to other organizations, and sponsorship information, are just a few examples of what you'll find here.


    Pine Tree State Rifle & Pistol Association -- Welcome to the homepage of the state of Maine's NRA and CMP affiliated Rifle and Pistol Association. This page is the cybercenter for firearms information in the Pine Tree State!

    Hampden Rifle And Pistol Club -- The Hampden Rifle and Pistol Club was founded in 1949. It's purpose is to provide a meeting place for like minded individuals and to promote the sport of shooting by encouraging the development of skills for all shooters in a saftey concious, organized environment.


    Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. -- The Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association (MSRPA) is the flagship Gun Rights organization in and for the State of Maryland. These are our objectives: To Fight for Gun Rights, To Conduct State Championships and To Promote Marksmanship and Firearms Safety.

    Maryland State Rifle Team

    Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. -- Welcome to the web site of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC), located in Marriottsville, Maryland. The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. was formed in 1948 when a number of World War II veterans in the Baltimore, Maryland area began looking for a place for recreational and competitive shooting. They organized with several other Baltimore area shooting clubs to form the "AGC".

    Berwyn Rod & Gun Club -- The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club is a non-profit member-operated gun club located off Route 197 in Bowie, Maryland. Club Standard and other matches are held generally on weekends and include High-Power and Rimfire Rifle, Police Pistol, Standard Pistol, Practical Pistol, Shotgun, and Silhouette. There is an active juniors program and various safety and self-defense courses are held. The club is affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

    Monumental Rifle & Pistol Club -- Welcome to the Home Page of Monumental Rifle & Pistol Club. Our club is a Charter Member club of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC) located in Marriottsville, Maryland.

    Saint Charles Sportsman's Club -- Saint Charles Sportsman's Club (SCSC) is a not-for-profit hunting, fishing, and sporting club, located in Southern Maryland (Map). We offer a variety of activities including IPSC matches, NRA/CMP high power rifle competition, a Junior Rifle program, and Metallic Silhouette. In addition, SCSC has weekly Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting and 3D Archery. A schedule of upcomming activities is shown on our Monthly Activity Calendar.


    Gun Owners' Action League -- Gun Owners' Action League is the official state firearms association in Massachusetts. We are an association of law-abiding citizens who believe in the basic right of firearms ownership for competition, recreation and self-protection.

    Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association -- Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association is a full-service rod and gun club providing excellent facilities for the casual or serious sportsman.

    Massachusetts Rifle Association -- The Massachusetts Rifle Association (MRA) was founded on November 4, 1875 and has been the home to many pioneers and innovators in the area of the shooting sports. Harry M. Pope, the world famous maker of the precision rifle barrels, E.E. Partridge, the inventor of the sights that bear his name and the author Corbin Gould who, in 1885, published "The Rifle", the forerunner to the NRA's "The Rifleman" all were early members of the MRA who used the club's facilities to put their theories on shooting to the test.

    Westfield Sportsman's Club

    Woburn Sportsmen's Association -- The Woburn Sportsmen's Association, incorporated in 1933, is located at 155 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, Mass. just 3 miles north of the Burlington Mall. The Associations' 90+ acres of land borders the Shawsheen River in Bedford and Billerica. Range facilities and programs have been developed for big bore rifle, small bore, pistol, trap, archery, running deer, black powder, education & training, junior rifle & pistol and more. The main building and clubhouse has a recreation room, kitchen, office, rest rooms, and a unique indoor rifle and pistol range.


    Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association -- The Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association (MRPA) is an organization dedicated to the safe, ethical use of firearms for sport and competition. The MRPA is affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA) of the United States and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

    Detroit Sportsmen's Congress -- The Detroit Sportmen's Congress was incorporated in 1937, originally located in Detroit and has been located at the Dequindre Road location since 1948. We also offer a full campground facility located near Oxford, MI. Our campgrounds are situated on 131 acres with a 30 acre lake for swimming, fishing and boating. The DSC offers a full range of sporting facilities: Indoor and Outdoor Pistol Ranges, 200 Yard Outdoor Rifle Range, Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clay Ranges, Archery, 3-D, Broadhead and Target Ranges as well as indoor 20 yard Range Facility, Black Powder Ranges, Cowboy Action Shooting Events, 131 Acre Campground Facility, Wide Education of Classes available, Clubhouse Facility with Full Bar and Grill (Capacity limited to 235 persons). Our Clubhouse is avilable for Party Use with Inhouse Catering.

    SEMNO High Masters Shooting Team -- Southeastern Michigan Northern Ohio High Masters Shooting Club. If you are a competitive High Power Rifle or Smallbore Rifle shooter please look around. We both compete and sponsor competitions in the southeastern Michigan area.

    Silhouette Shooting In Michigan


    Minnesota Rifle and Revolver Association -- The MRRA is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Minnesota and affiliated with the NRA. The MRRA will strive to create a public sentiment of support for the individual possession of firearms by law-abiding citizens. The Association will also encourage training in the use of firearms, for sport, as an essential contribution to national security, for personal defense, and as a bulwark of individual liberty.


    Missouri Sport Shooting Association -- is the Missouri CMP, USA Shooting and NRA State Affiliated Association, state governing body for the shooting sports and approver of all NRA-recognized state championship matches.

    Benchrest Rifle Club of St. Louis -- Designed for all shooting enthusiasts--rifle, pistol, shotgun, black powder, silhouette (rimfire & center fire), benchrest (varmint and hunter), American Rimfire Association (ARA). In addition to the 60 bench rifle range with target frames at 100, 200, 300 & 600 yards, there are three other ranges--the pistol range which handles up to 40 shooters, the multi-purpose range with 20 benches to 100 yards, and a shotgun range. There is also a club house with shower facilities and comfort stations at the pistol and multi-purpose range.

    Osage Orange Sharpshooters -- The Osage Orange Sharpshooters is a CMP affiliated Club dedicated to promoting and preserving our American heritage of marksmanship through the sport of highpower rifle shooting.


    Nebraska Highpower dot com -- Online information source for Highpower Rifle competition in Nebraska.

    Bluffs Shooters, Inc. -- Bluffs Shooters is a progressive club formed in 1984 by a group of shooters wanting a place to practice and compete. Club activities include shooting safety, firearms awareness, young shooter participation, community awareness, competition and providing a facility for membership use.

    Eastern Nebraska Gun Club -- The Eastern Nebraska Gun Club is a private organization that was started a number of years ago by a handful of individuals looking for a place to shoot. The club is now a large organization and limits the number of members. Matches and informal shooting originally took place on leased property. This land is now owned by the club. The club has held several national matches in the past, the latest being a NRA small bore rifle silhouette championship. The club holds a number of rifle, pistol and shotgun matches every year. Most of the matches held at the club are open to the public. Spectators are also welcome to watch the matches. If you plan to attend one of these functions you should bring your own eye and hearing protection. The range has primitive toilet facilities. There is no food or water available at the range. Bring your own. If you would like more information than is found on these pages please send an e-mail to the address below. Questions and comments about the web page its self should be sent the webmaster address.

    Weeping Water Gun Club -- Weeping Water Gun Club calendar of events.


    Nevada State Rifle & Pistol Association-- We are a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Nevada. NSRPA is mainly a volunteer organization and wholly devoted to the right to keep and bear arms as provided in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The NSRPA was established in 1931 and is the only official, National Rifle Association-recognized State Association for the State of Nevada.

New Hampshire

    Gun Owners of New Hampshire -- GO-NH, Inc. works to protect and defend the rights of peaceful law abiding citizens to own and to use firearms for all lawful purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and by the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire. GO-NH, Inc. fosters and promotes the shooting sports including the advancement of amateur competitions in marksmanship and junior shooting programs.

    Nashua Fish & Game Association -- At NFGA we have ranges that accommodate most shooting sports, from high power rifle to air pistol we can do just about anything. Our 600 yard rifle range is one of the only ones in New England. We have one of the best Tactical ranges in the country. Joining NFGA exposes you to just about every shooting sport imaginable from Bullseye pistol to IDPA, from High Power Rifle to Trap.

    Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club -- The Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club of Holderness, NH is a non-profit organization that boasts a proud history which began in 1941 and continues through to the present. Due to the persistent efforts of Rosco Whitcomb a meeting was held in March 1941 at the Firemen's Hall in Ashland, NH for the purpose of organizing a fish and game club in the local area. Many sportsmen were in attendance at the meeting which concluded with a committee being elected to draw up a set of by-laws. On May 1, 1941 the by-laws were presented and following several proposals the Club was named and the organization became active.

New Jersey

    Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club -- Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club has and will continue to promote shooting sports by offering a safe, secure, and private facility that can be educational for the novice shooter and offer a challenge to even the most seasoned pro. Our member elected Board of Directors shares this vision, and is always looking for ways to improve or expand our facilities. Our goal is to help introduce the whole family to shooting sports, as well as stress the safe handling of firearms.

    New Jersey Highpower -- Highpower Rifle info for New Jersey

    Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club -- Our Mission is to encourage organized rifle, pistol, air gun, black powder and shotgun shooting among citizens of the United States of America resident in our community, with a view towards a better knowledge on the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper use and care of recreational firearms, as well as improved marksmanship.

New Mexico

    New Mexico Shooting Sports Association -- NMSSA is a New Mexico based organization supporting and working for the gun owners of our state. Members come from all areas and backgrounds. If you own a firearm or support the responsible ownership of firearms, you should belong to NMSSA. NMSSA is the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association.

    New Mexico Rifleshooting -- New Mexico Rifle Shooting is focused on competitive rifle shooting in the state of New Mexico, primarily High power Rifle, and provides announcements, photos, match results and other information.

    Captain Hi Power Shooting Club -- Capitan Hi Power Shooting Club, maintains a facility dedicated to the sport of NRA high power rifle and long range shooting. Capitan Hi Power Shooting Club is affiliated with the NRA and is a 100% NRA membership organization. Through its shooting programs and clinics, Capitan Hi Power Shooting Club promotes safety, good sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence.

    Del Norte Gun Club -- We want to provide the opportunity for everyone to learn firearms safety and to become comfortable with firearms and have a place to shoot them for fun or competition. Instruction is a big part of making this happen. We will provide access to a wide variety of courses on firearms safety, handling and shooting, as well as the legal issues involved in owning and using a firearm. The instructors will be both local and those who instruct at a national level.

    Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club -- The Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club is an organization with over 350 memberships (individual and family). The Club provides instruction and a place to safely enjoy all shooting activities. Training in all forms of firearm handling and shooting provides our community with requisite skills for recreation, hunting, competition, and self protection.

New York

    New York State Rifle & Pistol Association -- The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. (NYSRPA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Second Amendment rights, firearm safety, education and training, and the shooting sports. NYSRPA is affiliated with the Nation Rifle Association of America as the only NRA State Association for New York.

    Broome County Sportsmen's Association -- Broome County Sportsmen's Association is located on Foley Road, off of Route 17 East of Binghamton. The club offers a club house and safe places to shoot with a 100 yard rifle range, trap range, running target range, outdoor pistol range, 22 cal. silhouette range, and an indoor pistol range. The firing positions on the running target, outdoor pistol range, rifle range and silhouette range are under cover. General Meetings are on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM

    Forbes Rifle & Pistol Club -- Located in Colonie, NY the Forbes club has a 1000 yard range (with positions at 200, 300, 600, 800, 900 & 1000 yards) and a 200 yard covered range. Forbes sponors High Power, Long Range High Power, Palma and Smallbore matches throughout the year.

    New York State Highpower -- A site for the Highpower Rifle competitors of New York State! Check the links for match schedules, results and pictures.

    Square Deal Sportsmen, Inc. -- Square Deal Sportsmen, Inc. is located in the Southern Tier of NY (Binghamton) area. We hold monthly USPSA/IPSC matches, NRA Highpower rifle matches, Basic HP Rifle Training Class, smallbore rifle silhouette, and other events.

North Carolina

    North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association

    The Durham Pistol and Rifle Club -- The Durham Pistol and Rifle Club (DPRC) was organized in 1946 as a private, member-only club to promote sportsmanship, competition, and training in pistol and rifle marksmanship. With a modern forty-point pistol range, a three-hundred yard rifle range, and a twenty-point IR 50/50-sanctioned benchrest firing line on the general-purpose range, the Durham Pistol & Rifle Club stands ready to serve its membership and the shooting sports community for the next fifty years.

    North State Shooting Club

North Dakota

    North Dakota Shooting Sports Association, Inc. -- The mission of the North Dakota Shooting Sports Association, Inc. is the promotion and protection of the U. S. Constitution's Second Amendment, shooting sports, hunting, and the National Rifle Association of America within the State of North Dakota. Through dedicated volunteers, our association strives to provide: A communications network, education and training, support for affiliated clubs, and an active competitive shooting program. The association serves all persons without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin or physical impairment."

    Bismarck/Mandan Rifle & Pistol Association -- Welcome to the home page of the Bismarck/Mandan Rifle & Pistol Association. Don't let the URL throw you- we have members involved in a wide variety of shooting disciplines. On this page, we hope to offer information on upcoming events, results of past matches, interesting links and resources, and news and information of interest to the shooting community.


    Ashland Lake Gun Club -- ALGC has something to offer for every shooter: Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle. We have 5 pistol bays for bowling pin, target and I.D.P.A. shooting. Interested in competitive pistol shooting? ALGC has a very active I.D.P.A. program and is looking to host the 2003 state I.D.P.A. championships. For the shotgunner we have separate trap and skeet ranges with regularly scheduled matches. See Trap & Skeet for more info. And for the rifle shooter, we have a 300 yard range, a 200 yard range and a 100 yard range all capable of simultaneous operation. We offer regular CMP type matches, silhouette matches, antique arms matches, and of course, the popular Garand matches. Something for everyone!

    Miami Rifle & Pistol Club -- Miami Rifle & Pistol Club is a 130 acre private club open year round for it's members' shooting enjoyment. MRPC is located at 5463 Stonelick-Williams Corner Rd. Batavia, Ohio. Click on the Site Map at the left for directions. MRPC has a complete rifle & pistol program including a N.R.A. sponsored DCM Junior summer program. MRPC has a 10 target, 200-,300-& 600-yard highpower rifle range. A covered 32 target 25-& 50-yard pistol range. A covered six table Bowling pin range. A covered eight target 50-, 100-, 150-& 200-yard Bench rest range.

    Solon Sportsmen's Association


    Oklahoma Rifle Association -- The Official Oklahoma State Affiliate of the National Rifle Association

    Oklahoma City Gun Club -- The Oklahoma City Gun Club is dedicated to providing a safe, comprehensive environment to enjoy a broad range of shooting sports. Our goal is to spread the interest and enthusiasm for each of the shooting disciplines and to ensure the continuation of our Rights and heritage through continued involvement with programs for the community, juniors, women, military, law enforcement, family, and friends.


    Oregon State Shooting Association -- The OSSA is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing pro-gun and pro-hunting programs and working to defeat the anti-gun and anti-hunting extremist agendas in the Oregon legislature and at the local level. The OSSA also provides adult and youth shooting programs, promotes hunter safety, responsible sport hunting, and advocates the safe use of firearms. As the official NRA state affiliate in Oregon, the OSSA not only represents the NRA in Oregon, it represents you in the NRA.

    Albany Rifle and Pistol Club -- The goal of the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club is to provide a safe environment for the shooting pleasure of you and your family. The centrally located Saddle Butte facility consists of a main range to 250 yards, a clubhouse with smallbore indoor range, and classroom. The north range complex has 8 shooting bays designed for pistol class cartridges, covered firing areas, and classroom. The club offers: The West's largest machine gun shoot, Old West, ISPC, Highpower, Silhouette, Smallbore, Junior Smallbore, Indoor Pistol, Subgun, Trap. We also offer: Education for the local community, NRA sanctioned events, Gun Shows, Classes for handloaders, NRA hunter sight-in days...and just plinking. The entire facility is also completely accessible for the physically disadvantaged.

    Josephine County Sportsmans Association -- JCSA is the finest shooting facility on the west coast (300 acres) providing a variety of shooting activities. Please take the time to go through our web site and learn what a great place this is.


    The Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association -- Welcome to the PRPA homepage. On this page we provide Rifle and Pistol Club information. A statewide events schedule. And a few other links of interest to competitive shooters and firearms owners.

    The Dormont-Mt. Lebanon Sportsmen's Club -- "Safe Shooting Education -- Our Only Purpose" Meets 4th Thursday of each Month at the Clubhouse in North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania.

    Harrisburg Hunters' & Anglers' Association -- Situated on 123 acres in Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County, Pa. is one of the most complete sporting facilities in the East. Harrisburg Hunters' and Anglers' was founded in 1935 by a group of five men who wanted to share a fellowship with outdoor sportsmen.

South Carolina

    Gun Owners of South Carolina -- The National Rifle Association's affiliated State Association in S.C.

    Palmetto State Marksman's Association -- Palmetto State Marksman's Association (PSMA) was incorporated as a non-profit 501C-7 in the late 70's by Mr. Clayton Tapp and Mr. Henry Jackson to provide training in the safe, proper use, and care of high power rifles in South Carolina by sponsoring NRA recognized High Power Rifle matches. PSMA is affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the National Rifle Association, and Gun Owners of South Carolina. PSMA sponsors monthly, Regional, Excellence in Competition, Long Range, and State Championship matches throughout the year as well as hosting Garand Clinics for individuals interested in obtaining a M1 Garand through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

South Dakota

    South Dakota Shooting Sports Association -- SDSSA is a non-profit organization made up of hunters, collectors, competitive shooters, and general firearms enthusiasts working together to achieve our goals to promote and protect the interests of firearm owners across the state. We also develop programs that promote good quality activities for firearm enthusiasts.


    Chattanooga Rifle Club -- Chattanooga Rifle Club, in existence since the early 1900's, received its' first NRA charter in 1927. After a couple of changes in venue, it has been located at the present site on Hunter Road in Harrison, Tennessee since the late 1950's. It is a private organisation dedicated to the pursuit of shooting excellence in all aspects of safety and competition. The club facilities include five separate ranges with target storage, a training classroom with kitchen, and restrooms.

    Memphis Sport Shooting Association, Inc. -- Memphis Sport Shooting Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to the training of its members in a safe and proper use of firearms for sporting purposes. In time of war or national emergency, our members form an effective agency for training those eligible for military service in the use of firearms. MSSA is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and with the Director of Civilian Marksmanship. It was incorporated in 1986. MSSA was previously the Memphis Rifle and Revolver Association, which was incorporated in 1936


    Texas State Rifle Association -- State Rifle Association of Texas.

    Austin Rifle Club, Inc. -- The Austin Rifle Club, Inc is a non-profit organization associated with the National Rifle Association of America, the Texas State Rifle Association, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Range facilities are located Manor and Elgin. The range is situated on a club-owned tract which has been developed for seven different shooting disciplines.

    Bayou Rifles -- Bayou Rifles was incorporated in the State of Texas in 1936 to promote the art of safe Rifle & Pistol shooting. It is a non-profit corporation, the management of which is vested in the Board of directors, elected by the membership. The Club is affiliated with National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association.

    Brazos Valley Service Rifle Association -- Based in the twin cities of Bryan/College Station.

    Golden Triangle Gun Club -- SE Texas.

    Midland Shooters Association -- Midland Shooters Association ("MSA") is a nonprofit organization managed by a Board of Directors with help from volunteers and contractors. MSA goals are to promote recreational shooting, sportsmanship, firearm safety, and marksmanship. We primarily serve the Permian Basin region of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

    Fort Wolters Shooting Sports Club -- Welcome to the Fort Wolters Shooting Sports Club's Place on the Web!The FWSSC meets at the George Tubb Memorial Range and sponsors events in NRA Highpower, Palma, and Black Powder shooting.

    Panola County Gun Club

    San Antonio Rifle and Pistol Club -- The San Antonio Rifle and Pistol Club is a shooting club dedicated to promoting the shooting sports, marksmanship, responsible gun ownership, and firearms safety.


    Virginia Shooting Sports Association -- The Official Virginia State Association of the National Rifle Association. Affiliated with: Civilian Marksmanship Program, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Virginia Junior Shooting Sports Association, Virginia Outdoor Sports Information Network, Virginia Wildlife Federation.

    Quantico Shooting Club -- The Quantico Shooting Club is a private organization that utilizes the Calvin A. Lloyd Range Complex aboard Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA.


    Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association -- A Web Page for sparking interest and informing the WSRPA membership and the public about competitive shooting, firearm legislation and related 2nd ammendment issues.

    Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club -- SVRC is a non-profit, member-supported organization. We are home to the Bear Creek Muzzleloaders, one of the top blackpowder clubs in the country. We are also very active in CMP Highpower rifle shooting, Action Pistol shooting, Cowboy Action shooting, bullseye pistol and Hunter Class silhouette pistol shooting. We have an active Juniors program and teach classes in hunter safety, firearms handling and marksmanship and self-protection. We actively support the NRA's Eddie Eagle program in our schools. Speaking of the NRA, this club is 100% NRA! It is a requirement for all members to belong to the finest organization in the world and help protect our 2nd Amendment heritage.


    Wisconsin Rifle and Pistol Association -- WRPA promotes and protects the shooting sports, hunting, and the lawful ownership and use of firearms in Wisconsin. We coordinate match schedules of member clubs, sanction the state championship matches, monitor and recommend legislation, and provide training and educational programs for our members, competitors and Wisconsin shooters. WRPA supports the interaction and education of all individuals and groups interested in the shooting sports and the natural right of citizens to own arms.

    Conservation Club of Kenosha County -- Welcome to the Conservation Club of Kenosha County website, home of the Bristol Ranges. In addition to our many social activities, CCKC offers Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Archery, Airgun, Black Powder, Cowboy ranges and many leagues, matches, and other shooting activities. Browse around and learn more about CCKC and the Bristol ranges.



    Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club -- The Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol operates an indoor range at 2621 E. 7th, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and a 240-acre outdoor range northwest of the city. The club is a non-profit corporation.


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