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Supplies and Equipment

Andrew Tucker Shooting Jackets -- Andrew Tucker rewrote the way shooting jackets were designed crucial to getting an edge in competition. We are located in Cobham, Surrey and our products are orderable worldwide through our unique 'self-measurement' system.

B Jones Sights -- Lenses and Rear Sight Accesories. Dedicated to improving the sight-picture on rifle-sights for all shooters in the disciplines of the shooting sports.

Bag-It Brass Bags -- We make picking up your empties easy!

Bolt Knobs by Bill -- Custom made bolt knobs.

CAB Designs -- Custom designed wind charts for Across-The-Course and Palma Highpower rifle shooters.

Center Shot Sports -- ...dedicated to the shooting sport athlete and coaches of rifle shooters at all levels.

Center the Group dot com -- Coats, gloves, mats, accessories galore.

Champion's Choice -- Champion's Choice, Inc. Shooting Supplies and Equipment.

Champion Shooters Supply -- We've been in business for over 47 years and we carry every thing that you could possibly need to become a great competitor. Our goal is to sell our customer the best equipment or part for their money. We purchased Freeland's and we are currently in the production of many of their products. Since we make shooting coats, mats, slings, and scope stands we can offer a great price with superior quality.

Creedmoor Sports -- Creedmoor Sports, Inc. carries a full line of competitive shooting equipment including NRA and ISU (UIT) Shooting Coats, Custom National Match Rifles and Sniper Rifles, Rifle Cases, Shooting Mats, Cleaning Supplies and much, much more.

Competition Shooting Stuff -- Competition Shooting Stuff offers high quality, unique, custom made parts and shooting equipment to the highpower community. Everything you will find here is built and used by avid highpower shooters. Over time we will be constantly updating the site with new stuff so please don't be a stranger, check in from time to time to see what's new. Thank you! Gary Eliseo

DC Techs -- Home of Bob Hahin's Bobsled, SLEDs made of solid delrin for AR15, AR10 and TIKKA rifles.

Ewing's Scope Stands -- Manufacturer of high quality, reliable Scope Stands for the discriminating shooter. Our stands are in use by military, police and civilians in both tactical and competetive environments.

First Strike Products -- Range Carts, scope stands and other equipment and accessories.

Giraud Tool Company -- Welcome to the Giraud Tool Company website. My goal is to provide Highpower shooters the finest quality accessories available. After starting Highpower shooting in 1999, I became aware of the need to design and develop products that exceed the expectations of the shooting community. I found myself spending more time and effort getting ready to participate than actually enjoying the sport. My products are designed to give the shooter an advantage, faster setup and faster preparation with no sacrifice in quality or function.

Highpower Sweatshirts -- Heavyweight ash gray sweatshirts printed with large 10-12 inch design on front saying "HIGHPOWER RIFLE COMPETITION NATIONAL MATCH COURSE 200-300-600 YARDS"and pictured with your choice of Garand;M14;M16;Spacegun;bolt target rifle.$29.95 and I pay shipping.Brochure available.Orders printed and shipped immediatly first class.email your address or leave message on forum.My email is kmeisear15@aol.com

HPS Target Rifles -- HPS is Britainís premiere target rifle supplies company, bringing the combined experience of two international target rifle shooters in both fullbore and smallbore shooting. With a total of 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing products for both disciplines, they are proud to be the developers, manufacturers and suppliers of System Gemini equipment and Target Master ammunition.

Inner Mountain Outfitters -- Lookin' fer Calcium Carbide? These folks have it and will ship! But ya gotta buy 12 pounds :) Check the 'Headlamps' link.

Ironstone Stocks - Adjustable buttstock assemblies for AR Spaceguns.

Jim Owens' web pages -- Great manuals and vids, Slings, new/used Kowa Scopes, Instruction, and a buncha good info!

John H. Weller Company -- Competition slings built by a competitor for competitors. I started making my own slings, because I became dis-enchanted with paying big bucks for trash leather. If you would like to try a quality sling for a reasonable price give me a shout.

Jeep -- Only In A Jeep! *THE* transportation of choice for the highpower competitor! :) My Jeep

Krieger Barrels Inc. -- Krieger Barrels, Inc. manufactures precision single-point cut-rifled barrels in calibers ranging from 22RF through 4 Bore to the best target and custom rifle builders in the world. Krieger Barrels are made for shooters by shooters. We have been in business since 1982 continuously supporting the shooting sports and industry

Leslie Tam Slings -- Sweet arse custom NM leather service rifle slings.

MAK Enterprises -- Tubegun kits for Remington 700's

Master Class Stocks & Accessories -- Our goal at Master Class is to provide the competitive shooter with the highest quality stocks on the market today. Whether building fiberglass, wood, and wood laminates we strive to cater to the individual needs of each shooter.

Medesha Firearms -- Medesha FireArms Ltd. manufactures products for the AR-10/15 match, varmint, and tactical rifles. Accessories include, buttstock assemblies, front and rear sight bases, long range scope mounts, and handguards.

Monard USA -- Shooting Coats, slings, gloves and other accessories.

Mo's Competitor Supplies & Range, Inc. -- MCS Inc., 34 Delmar Dr., Brookfield, Connecticut 06804   ph:203/775-1013

Neal Johnson's Gunsmithing -- Nearabouts everything.

OK Weber -- Accessories and supplies galore.

Phoenix Precision -- Premium Match Rifle Sights.

Prone2Success -- Bolt handle modification for Remington 700/40x and RPA actions.

Ray-Vin.com -- Scope stands, shooting stools, shooting stool accessories, AR Cleaning rod guides, neat-o carbide smoker, wheel kits and CANNONS!

Robertson Composites, Inc. -- Composite Stockmakers, Where service is as important as quality!

Satern Custom Machining -- Scope stands and other accessories.

Sinclair International -- Sinclair International is a 15 year old Fort Wayne, Indiana based company that specializes in products designed for precision rifle ammunition reloading and shooting. In this site you'll find many innovative shooting and reloading products that we've developed and manufactured, as well as the best accuracy products available from other manufacturers.

Schneller Manufacturing, Inc. -- Schneller Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to present the Stainless Steel Wheeled Shooting Stool. This stool was created by a shooter, for the shooter. It was designed to withstand the harsh treatment experienced on the shooting range.

Stallings Machine -- We are a small machine shop that specializes in short-run parts and proto-type work for industry. We also have a small selection of products for the High Power Rifle community, including The RightSight.

TargetShootingProducts.com -- Canada's source for target shooting products.

Turner Saddlery -- Match and Service Rifle Slings

Warner Tool Company -- Match rifle sights, custom dies, gunsmithing.

Walt Sinnott Sporting Goods -- REG Tooling rear sights.

White Oak Armament -- You're right on target for your best source in high performance components for your AR-15 & AR-10 rifle!

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