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  • 6mmBR.com - the definitive 6mm BR Norma internet resource. You'll find hardware reviews, accurizing tips, reloading recipes, and contact info for component vendors and top 6BR gunsmiths. Plus Message Boards, Readers' Polls, Photo Galleries and more.

  • AR15.com Discussion Forums -- many AR related forums, including a AR Competition Shooting specific forum

  • Alliance Rifle Club -- This is an informal website of the Alliance Rifle Club, the Ohio/Penn and North East Ohio highpower rifle leagues. Delphi Forums

  • California Highpower Forum -- Welcome to the site for Highpower rifle shooters in California and neighboring states. Delphi Forums

  • Central Florida Highpower Forum -- A place where High Power and John C. Garand match shooters in Central Florida can meet to exchange questions, ideas, equipment and match info.

  • Culver's Shooting Page -- Various shooting related forums, M16/AR15, Smallbore, On The Firing Line, Enfields....lots more.

  • Florida Competitive Rifle Shooting -- Gateway to the Florida Competitive Rifle Shooting forum. Delphi Forums
  • Florida Highpower -- Gateway to Florida Highpower forum. Delphi Forums
  • Fullbore List -- Welcome to the fullbore-list home page, home of Commonwealth Fullbore, Palma, 300 Meter UIT and Highpower target rifle shooting on the internet.

  • Georgia Highpower Shooting Forum -- Highpower Rifle Shooting in and around the State of Georgia. Delphi Forums

  • Highpower Central -- This is a forum for new and old shooter alike to talk and share information. I hope that all types of shooting will be discussed but especially Highpower. Delphi Forums

  • High Power Forum -- An ego-free, down to earth, friendly, non-Delphi forum for Highpower Rifle competition discussion.

  • Louisiana Highpower Forum -- A place where shooters can find out about Highpower Shooting in Louisiana and talk about equipment, schedules and techniques. Delphi Forums

  • Long-Range Bullseye/PALMA Shooting -- This forum is dedicated to the sport of Long-Range Bullseye Shooting. Message board will be maintained as 100% Long-Range!! The fore-runner to this forum is archived here.

  • Mid South Highpower Forum -- Delphi Forum for Highpower Rifle competitors in the West Tennessee and the Mid-South region. Delphi Forums

  • NationalMatch.us -- Forum dedicated to accross the course Highpower rifle competition.

  • Nebraska Highpower -- This is a forum for Nebraska High Power Rifle shooters to talk about, coordinate and promote HP in Nebraska. Delphi Forums

  • New England Highpower -- The purpose of this forum is to allow NE highpower shooters to exchange ideas, experiences, match information, and their misery. Those new to this shooting sport can gain from the sage advice of more experienced shooters. Delphi Forums

  • New Jersey High Power Rifle -- A Page For High Power Rifle Competitors. Come join us for a fun discussion of NRA Highpower Rifle Shooting in the great State of New Jersey! Whether you are currently a Highpower competitor or just want to learn about the sport, we have what you need to know. From match schedules and results to reloading topics and the latest legal/political information from Trenton. ( Old NJ HP Forum - Archives)

  • New York Highpower -- Highpower Shooting forum by and for New York shooters and competitors and shooters everywhere who wish to contribute to the discussions. Delphi Forums

  • North Florida Highpower Shooting -- A place for all Highpower shooters to discuss their passion.

  • NW High Power/ Long Range Forum -- Forum for High Power & Long Range shooters in the Pacific Northwest. Delphi Forums

  • Pennsylvania Highpower -- A place for shooters from across the country to gather and talk about shooting highpower rifles in Pennsylvania. Delphi Forums

  • South Carolina Highpower Shooting Forum -- The High Power Shooting forum for South Carolina. Covering high power rifle and long range shooting in South Carolina. Delphi Forums

  • Target Talk -- a place to talk about Olympic style shooting, rifle or pistol, 10 meters to 50 meters, and whatever is in between. Maintained and moderated by pilkguns.com
  • Tennessee Highpower -- This is the place to discuss Highpower activities taking place in and around the state of Tennessee, along with all the other technical issues that come along with our game. Everyone is welcome, wade on in! Delphi Forums

  • Texas Highpower -- Texas Highpower is a place for all Highpower shooters, no matter from what state. But since I'm from Texas, guess what the name is? Delphi Forums

  • United States Highpower -- A place for Highpower Shooters to meet and discuss Highpower Shooting across the country! Delphi Forums

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