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Highpowerlinks.com - A collection of weblinks for the Highpower Rifle Competitor.


22 August 08  Updated links in 'Equipment' and 'Forums'.

21 August 08 Alabama Service Rifle Team, Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, Arizona Junior High Power Rifle Team, California High Power Rifle Competition, Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, New Mexico Rifleshooting and Captain Hi Power Shooting Club added to 'Clubs & Orgs'. Added GS Wagner's CMP and NRA Highpower Rifle Competition and John D's NRA Highpower Rifle Page to 'Personal Pages'.

20 August 08 U.S. Open F-Class Rifle Team added to 'Clubs, Assoc & Orgs'. Rifle Shooting by Nancy added to 'Publications'. Carl Bernosky Shooting Sports and Whidden Gun Works added to 'Gunsmiths'. All links in 'Clubs, Assoc & Orgs', 'Publications', and 'Gunsmiths' updated and dead links removed.

08 February 06 Added South Dakota Shooting Sports Association, Nebraska Highpower and Iowa Highpower dot com to 'Clubs, Assoc & Orgs'. Updated link to Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association. Not shooting related, but I really like this video (there is one 'S' word in the vid), Mountain Bike Crash.

06-December-05 Added Obermeyer Barrels to 'Rifles & Rifle Components'. Bolt Knobs by Bill added to 'Supplies and Equipment'.

26 September 05 One Hole Gunworks add to 'Gunsmiths'.

07-September-05 I've been working on a Highpower equipment guide, just a work in progress, but some of you all may find it helpful as it is now: Highpower Gear Guide. Comments and suggestions welcomed. steve@highpowerlinks.com.

25-August-05 A new look! I was never happy with frames, hope y'all like it.

24-August-05 -- Update 'Rifles and Rifle Components' links page.

23-August-05 -- Added ServiceRifle.net to 'Club, Assoc & Orgs' (New York). ISE Games added to 'Publications'. Updated the 'Forums' links page. Randy Gregory's Accuracy Unlimited added to 'Gunsmithing'.

22-August-05 -- Aubrey Sonnenberg, of Australia, has put online a photo album of his 2005 Camp Perry Experience, Aubrey Sonnenberg's 2005 Camp Perry Photos. Trophy Matches results available on the CMP website, Results for the National Trophy Matches. Results for the various NRA National Champhinships available on the NRA website here, Results for NRA National Championships. Prone2Success added to 'Gunsmithing' and 'Supplies & Equipment'. Prone2Success offers cool bolt handle modifications and soon will have other highpower related goodies. Arizona F-Class added to 'Clubs, Assoc & Orgs'. Monard is offering 'NRA Highpower Style' coats, Monard USA added to 'Supplies and Equipment'. Richards Associates added to 'Club, Assoc & Orgs'.

21-June-05 -- Added J & M Precision Machining to 'Gunsmithng'.

16 March 05 -- Added Stallings Machine to 'Supplies & Equipment'. A really cool M1 Garand feeding animation can be seen here: http://www.garandflash.com/feeding.html

23 Jan 05 -- Added Bayou Rifles (Texas) and Australian International High Power Association, Inc. (International) to 'Clubs, Assoc. and Orgs'. Added Competition Shooting Stuff to 'Supplies & Equipment'.

08 Jan 05 -- Updated link for Konrad's Highpower Rifle Home Page in 'Personal Pages'.

  Comments, suggestions, additions welcomed, steve@highpowerlinks.com