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Odds 'n' Ends

  • 6mmBR.com - the definitive 6mm BR Norma internet resource. You'll find hardware reviews, accurizing tips, reloading recipes, and contact info for component vendors and top 6BR gunsmiths. Plus Message Boards, Readers' Polls, Photo Galleries and more.

  • Custom Sight Picture -- You can get the Sight Picture Advantage with our "Custom Sight Picture Kit" whether you shoot iron sights during High Power Rifle, Blackpowder, PPC, with a Bow, etc. Test at all distances from your target(s) under all lighting conditions.

  • Distinguished Shooters Decal -- If you're interested in a tasteful way to display your Distinguished award check out this website.

  • -- a kick butt web search engine.

  • Iowa Farmer Today - Online

  • -- NewEgg.com is dedicated to the ideal of providing the finest online purchasing experience for all your computing needs. Whether you are a corporate professional, a student or home user, we guarantee that you will enjoy our premier quality services.

  • -- The small quantities specialists. Brass/Aluminum/plastic/Titanium/Stainless/Tool Steel/Bronze/whatever in bar/tube/angle/channel/pipe/hex bar/flat bar/round bar/plate/sheet/square bar/whatever. These guys are great!

  • Rec.Guns FAQ - Highpower Rifle Competition -- FAQ from rec.guns

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