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  • Armament Technology -- Armament Technology is the exclusive Canadian Distributor of IZHMASH smallbore match rifles.

  • Bleiker -- Maker of really expensive rifles.

  • Carl Walther --

  • Dynamit Nobel RWS Inc. --

  • Eley -- Manufacturers of World Class .22 Sporting Ammunition.

  • Feinwerkbau --

  • Florida Smallbore Forum -- This site is a place for all Smallbore shooters to communicate, exchange ideas, post match schedules and results and generally have fun! Heck, we even allow Snowbirds, Yankees and fellow Southerners. If that's you, then you found the right place, come on in!

  • HPS Target Rifles -- HPS is Britain’s premiere target rifle supplies company, bringing the combined experience of two international target rifle shooters in both fullbore and smallbore shooting. With a total of 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing products for both disciplines, they are proud to be the developers, manufacturers and suppliers of System Gemini equipment and Target Master ammunition.

  • Lapua --

  • Pennsylvania Smallbore -- Welcome to Pennsylvania Smallbore Prone and 3P Competition Shooting. A shooting community to discuss topics, matches, equipment, knowledge, ask questions, and all other related information.

  • Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club Smallbore League --

  • Sauer Shooting --

  • Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association -- The Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association is the Scottish governing body for the Olympic and Commonwealth sports of smallbore and air rifle target shooting. There are three disciplines within that remit - Smallbore Prone Rifle, Smallbore 3-Positions Rifle and Air Rifle - each held separately for men and women at international level.

  • SK Jagd Ammunition --

  • Smallbore.us --

  • www.smallbore.info -- Smallbore aims to be the leading site for information relating to all branches of target shooting with smallbore rifle and pistol. Much of the information will be of use to users of air weapons too.

  • T2 Stocks, Inc. --

  • Tennessee Smallbore --
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